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  • Those who have been arrested for or accused of domestic violence in Utah may be served with a protection order. This is a court order that must be requested by the alleged victim or petitioner in a domestic violence case.

    There are two types of protection orders in Utah.


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    The first is a temporary protective order. This is issued if a judge believes that someone requires protection immediately. It will go into effect as soon as the respondent is served and will stay in effect until the final protection order hearing is held.

    A final protection order is issued by a judge if he or she feels that there is a need for a protection order to continue. This protection order has two parts: criminal and civil. The criminal part of the order is in effect indefinitely, but after two years, the respondent can request that it be dismissed. The civil part is in effect for 150 days.

    If the petitioner does not appear at the final protection order hearing, the temporary protection order will be dismissed. A judge must approval a dismissal of either type of protection order.

    A conviction for domestic violence in Utah carries significant penalties.


    Besides having to abide by the terms of a protection order, such as not going to the marital home or even seeing your children, you could face jail time, anger management classes, fines and more.

    Do not underestimate the impact that this type of charge can have. An attorney experienced in criminal defense can provide more information about how to build a defense against these charges.

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    Whether you have been falsely accused of domestic violence or the alleged victim wants the charges dropped and is refusing to cooperate with the prosecutor, don’t assume that your situation is not serious, or that it will all work out somehow, or that you can handle it yourself. The prosecutor is not your friend. He or she wants convictions and revenue from fines. Do not be fooled into thinking the prosecutor cares about your rights or your future.

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