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  • Each state has its own statutes that deal with assault. In Utah, that statute — 76-5-102 — explains the elements of the crime of assault, as well as the possible penalties.

    Assault is defined as:

    — A threat to do immediate, bodily injury to someone that also has a show of force, or;

    — An attempt to inflict bodily injury on someone, with unlawful violence or force, or;

    — An act of unlawful violence or force that either creates a substantial risk of harm or causing bodily harm to someone.

    Best Utah Domestic Charges LawyerAn assault charge is a class B misdemeanor unless the victim is pregnant or there is substantial bodily injury. If that happens, then the assault charge is a class A misdemeanor.

    One defense to such charges that is not allowed is that the victim of the alleged assault committed assault on someone else.

    Charges of assault may be accompanied by charges of domestic violence in many cases. Because these types of charges carry significant penalties, including jail time, fines and probation, it’s important to develop a strong defense. An assault conviction may have serious consequences on your personal and professional life, too. Some employers will not hire someone who has a conviction for assault.

    An attorney skilled and experienced in defending those charged with assault can provide you with advice on how to proceed. From possible plea bargains to suspended impositions of sentence, your attorney will assist you. It’s important to get started on your defense as soon as possible after an arrest to have a greater chance at a positive outcome.

    Source: Utah State Legislature, “76-5-102. Assault” Oct. 30, 2014

    Defending Against Domestic Violence Accusations 

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    Whether you have been falsely accused of domestic violence or the alleged victim wants the charges dropped and is refusing to cooperate with the prosecutor, don’t assume that your situation is not serious, or that it will all work out somehow, or that you can handle it yourself. The prosecutor is not your friend. He or she wants convictions and revenue from fines. Do not be fooled into thinking the prosecutor cares about your rights or your future.

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